About this space

Writing is one of the hardest, most complex things we humans do, but it is also one of the most rewarding.

Whether you’re trying to write a novel, write a term paper, or just like to think about writing, here you will find thoughts and suggestions for how to do it better.

You can navigate the site by categories. I write on:

  • Grammar,
  • Structure,
  • The Writing Process,
  • The *Why’s* of Writing
  • Coaching writing (especially useful for parents, especially during COVID!)

Each post will be marked as belonging to at least one of these categories.

I am a teacher, writer, researcher. Writing was always something that seemed to come naturally– but even so, it is always work. Pleasant, challenging, fulfilling work. I hope to demystify the process and help you not only become a better writer, but a happier one!